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Web Development

Website Design, Development, and Operations services are at the core of what we do. We use a four step process to create your website. By following our tried and true approach we deliver websites that look great, work great, support you and your customers needs, and are stable and reliable. Ogma's Web Development difference is making beautiful, functional websites that work as you expect.


During the Discover phase we'll figure out what your website needs to do for you and your customers. During this phase we'll get into the details about the features and functions your website needs to support. We'll figure out the website's primary job, primary audiences, and key competitors so we can understand and get ready to fulfill your expectations. We'll also decide on the goals that indicate success for the project.


During the Design phase we'll decide what your website will look like and how your users interact with it. We'll use your logo and colors to get started and then move on to page layouts to support the features and functions we defined during the Discover phase.


During the Develop phase we build what we've designed. We'll check in with you weekly so you'll know about the progress we've made and where we are in the development timeline.


This is when you site goes live! This is also when the website's 30 day warranty begin. For 30 days post launch we'll monitor your website and address errors, report on traffic, and make sure the website is working as designed.

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